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Scott Burke

Assistant Vice President for Undergraduate Admissions
Out-of-State Areas: MA
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Romina Torres-Aranda

Romina Torres-Aranda

Associate Director of Admissions
Specialty: Welcome Center, High School Counselor Liaison and Latino Students (GA)
Out-of-State Areas: CT, HA and PR
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Andra Brantley

Andra Brantley

Assistant Director, Recruitment
Specialty: High School Counselor Liaison
Georgia Territories: Northeast Region (GA05)
Out-of-State Area: North FL
Phone: 404-413-2032
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peace li

Peace Li

Associate Director, International Recruitment
Specialty: International Students
Phone: 404-413-2500
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Lan Nguyen

Lan Nguyen

Assistant Director, International Recruitment
Specialty: Undergraduate International Students
Phone: 404-413-2037
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Admissions Staff

Sonya Ovbey

Assistant Director, Welcome Center
Phone: 404-413-2066
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Bryan Blackwell
Undergraduate Admissions

Bryan Blackwell

Admissions Counselor III
Specialty: Postbaccalaureate
Georgia Territories: Southwest Region (GA07)
Metro Areas: Coweta, Fayette, Heard
Out-of-State Areas: AZ, KS, NE, NM, NV, OK, TX, WY
Phone: 404-413-2170
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Admissions Staff

Phil Foster

Specialty: Scholarship Liaison
Georgia Territories: Barrow, Clarke, Forsyth, Hall, Jackson, North Fulton and Oconee
Metro Atlanta: Top Tier Privates
Out-of-State Areas: ME, NH, DC, VA, OH, RI, VT
Phone: 404-413-2254
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Samantha Jefferson
undergraduate admissions

Samantha Jefferson

In-House Counselor
Location: Welcome Center
Phone: 404-413-2321
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Admissions Staff

Bianca Lopez

Admissions Counselor III
Specialty: Move On When Ready, Latino Students (South GA)
Georgia Territories: Northwest Region (GA08)
Metro Atlanta: Bartow, Cherokee, Cobb
Out-of-State Areas: IL, IN, OH, WI, MN, ND, SD and MI
Phone:  404-413-2515
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Admissions Staff

Amina Moss

Specialty: Success Academy/PEP
Georgia Territories:  Southeast Region (GA06)
Metro Areas: Carroll, Douglas and Savannah
Out-of-State Areas: NC, SC
Phone:  404-413-2033
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Vilma Sampson
Undergraduate Admissions

Vilma Sampson

Admissions Counselor III
Specialty: Latino Students
Georgia Territories: Banks, Barrow, Clarke, Elbert, Franklin, Hall, Hart, Jackson, Madison, Oconoee, Walton, Whitfield
Metro Area: South Gwinnett
Out-of-State Areas: South FL, OR, WA, MT
Phone: 404-413-2090
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Admissions Staff

Zeb Swindall

In-House Counselor
Phone: 404-413-2322
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Honors College

Jarrett Tate

Honors College Counselor
Honors College
Phone: 404-413-5769
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Welcome Center

Julian Taylor

Campus Visit Coordinator
Phone: 404-413-2065
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Tony Wahab

Tony Wahab

Specialty: Freshman Financial Aid
Georgia Territories:  Dekalb and South Fulton
Out-of-State Areas: LA, DE, NJ, NY and PA
Phone:  404-413-2068
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Donald Weatherington

Donald Weatherington

Specialty:  Appeals, Athletics, New Teacher Institute and Non-traditional
Phone:  404-413-2038
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