Appeals for Admission

Students who receive an official denial admission decision are the only applicants who may submit an appeal. Appeals will be reviewed by a committee and applicants will be notified of a final decision by mail. There are two reasons a student would be considered for appeal:

  1. A denied applicant has earned higher test scores or raised his/her GPA and wishes to be re-evaluated through submission of updated documents.
  2. A denied applicant has compelling reasons explaining why his/her academic record or test scores do not meet the standards.

If you wish to appeal your denial to the university based on one of these options, you may complete the Appeal process through submission of the following documents as early as possible, but no later than July 1:

  • Official Appeal forms [PDF format]
  • Letter of Appeal explaining circumstances and reasons for reconsideration
  • Supporting documents (new test scores, updated transcripts, doctors’ notes, medical records, death certificate, recommendations, resumes, explanation of academic rigor, etc.)