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Students who wish to enter Georgia State University directly from high school will be admitted based upon the following four factors: SAT/ACT composite score, core high school grade-point average, freshman index (FI), and number of high school courses completed in the core subject areas. The FI is based on a combination of SAT/ACT scores and high school grade-point average in college preparatory courses only.

The SAT FI formula is: SAT FI= (500x HSGPA) + SAT V + SAT M
The ACT FI formula is: ACT FI= (500 x HSGPA) + (ACT composite x 42) + 88


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A freshman is an applicant who has never been enrolled in a regionally-accredited college or university, with the exception of joint enrollment while in high school. Georgia State calculates admissibility through consideration of two factors: a student’s grade point average (GPA) in the College Prep Curriculum high school courses and official SAT and/or ACT scores. The average ranges for admissible freshmen are as follows:

High School Core GPA  3.2 – 3.7
SAT  (Verbal + Math only)  970  1190
ACT  (Composite)  21  27
  • Georgia State requires completion of the College Preparatory Curriculum (CPC) course units. Please refer to the table above for the average GPA range of accepted students.
ENGLISH 4 Any 4 English/Language Arts
MATH 4 Algebra I, Algebra II, Geometry & 1 Higher Level Math
NATURAL SCIENCE 4 1 Life Science/Lab, 1 Physical Science/Lab, & 2 Science Electives
SOCIAL SCIENCE 3 1 U.S. History, 1 World History & 1 Social Science Elective
FOREIGN LANGUAGE 2 Both units must be the same language.American Sign Language is acceptable.
  • Georgia State requires freshmen applicants to submit SATor ACT scores. Please refer to the table above for the average test ranges of accepted GSU students. All test scores must be submitted electronically directly from the appropriate testing agency.  Georgia State will not review any application based on test scores received on a high school transcript, nor will we consider paper rush reports. 
  • If you are a high-school student who’s interested in taking college courses now, please visit dual enrollment.
  • Home-schooled students and students graduating from non-accredited schools must follow admissions requirements and process here.
  • If you have been out of school for at least five years, please view our non-traditional page.

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Note: Our application process differs for other types of applicants. Please review our information for dual enrollmenthome school studentsre-entry and GSU-62 applicants.

Payment Options

  • Credit card or checking account system accepted.
  • Or provide an approved CollegeboardNACAC or ACT fee waiver. (For ACT waivers, speak with your high school guidance counselor. Fee waivers are only taken for prospective freshman applications.)

Mail your original, approved fee waiver to:

Office of Undergraduate Admissions
Sparks Hall, Suite 200
P.O. Box 4009
Atlanta, GA 30302-4009

*Your application will not be reviewed for admission until we have received your complete and approved free waiver.

  • High schools must send transcripts through official mail or electronically through GAcollege411. You can use our transcript request form to request a mailed transcript from your high school.
  • A final official transcript must also be sent after graduation. Calculation of GPA is based on core academic classes only.
After selecting your school in The Common Application for Georgia State, click the “Invite Counselor” link to invite your counselor to submit your recommendation.

Please note: there is an option to include an additional two teacher recommendations, but Georgia State does not require teacher recommendations.

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