Move On When Ready

Move On When Ready provides opportunities for high school juniors and seniors to enroll full-time (12-15 semester hours) to earn both high school and college credits. Participation is only permitted during the normal fall and spring semesters of the high school and college school year.

Student Eligibility

To be eligible for Move On When Ready, a student must:

  • Be entering 11th or 12th grade and have spent the prior year in attendance at a public high school in Georgia. (Students attending a private high school will need to apply for the Accel Program by clicking here.)
  • Be on track to graduate
  • Be a legal resident of Georgia and meet U.S. Citizenship requirements
  • Obtain approval of the high school guidance counselor and parent(s)/legal guardian(s)
  • Achieve a grade of C- or higher in their Georgia State courses to remain eligible for the program

Admission Requirements

Students must meet all three requirements for admission. Students not meeting one or more of the requirements will not be admissible for participation in the program.

  1. GPA Requirement: Sophomores applying to be a MOWR student as a junior must have a GPA of 3.5 or higher; Juniors applying to be a MOWR student as a senior must have a GPA of 3.3 or higher. Both applicant types must have a minimum GPA of 3.3 in the Required High School Curriculum (RHSC) course units.
  2. Test scores: Students may take either the ACT or SAT. The following minimum scores are required:
    • ACT Requirement: 23 English and 23 Math
    • SAT Requirement: 530 Verbal (Critical Reading) and 530 Math
  3. Freshman Index (FI): 2700 or higher

Application Deadlines

Applicants must submit the application, nonrefundable application fee, and required documents by the appropriate deadline.

Fall Semester: May 1
Spring Semester: November 1

 MOWR students are not eligible to enroll in classes for the summer semester. Note: All deadlines are subject to change; once the program cap has been reached, students may choose to be considered for the Accel Program.

Step-by-Step Application Instructions

    1. Print and complete the Move On When Ready application for admission.
    2. Attach Non-Refundable Application Fee of $60 or approved College Board, NACAC or ACT fee waiver to the application. For ACT waivers, speak with your high school guidance counselor.
    3. Submit by mail to: Office of Undergraduate Admissions,  P.O. Box 4009, Atlanta, GA 30302-4009, or bring in person to: Sparks Hall, Suite 200, 33 Gilmer Street.
    4. Submit test scores electronically
      • Submit ACT scores through ACT
      • Submit SAT scores through College Board
      • Request any AP/IB scores (if applicable)
    5. Submit official high school transcripts
      High schools must submit official transcripts through mail or electronically through GAcollege411. Mailing address:  Office of Undergraduate Admissions, P.O. Box 4009, Atlanta, GA 30302-4009
    6. Submit official college transcript only if you were enrolled in dual enrollment at another institution prior to applying to Georgia State.
    7. Check your application status. The typical timeline for processing an application and supporting documents to receive a decision is approximately is 4-6 weeks.

Program Cap

Per the Board of Regents Policy, Georgia State only admits 10 students for the academic year into the MOWR program. Once the cap is reached, students may choose to be considered for the Accel Program.


Students will take all coursework at Georgia State University’s main campus. Move on When Ready courses must be selected from the approved MOWR course list. All schedules are subject to the approval of the appropriate high school official and Georgia State University. Coursework taken through MOWR does not count against HOPE Scholarship or HOPE Grant hours.


The cost for full-time coursework up to 15 semester hours from the approved course listing will be funded by the high school Full-Time Equivalent (FTE) program. Eligible participating institutions will accept the determined Move On When Ready amount as full payment for the student’s tuition and mandatory fees. Other cost of attendance expenses including lab fees, books, meals, transportation and personal expenses are the responsibility of the parent/guardian. Any additional credit hours and/or courses not covered under the approved course list must be paid for out of pocket. Students must be aware that grades of C- or better apply to all classes, whether covered out of pocket or through FTE funding.

Policies & Regulations

Georgia State University MOWR students are not permitted to live on campus in University Housing and must have a form of transportation to campus. Click here to visit Parking and Transportation.

For more information, review the MOWR Admissions Guidelines for University System of Georgia institutions or visit the Georgia Department of Education.