Educators’ Guide: Academics

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What Can I Study?Degrees Offered

Experiential Learning
A co-op provides on-site supervision, training and concrete learning objectives with the goal of broadening skills and knowledge as well as career confidence. On-site supervisors provide regular feedback about the student’s progress.

The Signature Experience initiative aims to provide opportunities for students to go beyond traditional classroom experiences while in school at Georgia State. Through Signature Experiences, “learning comes alive and students are encouraged to be active in their own education.”

Study Abroad allows students to begin the journey of becoming global citizens. Georgia State’s Study Abroad Programs Office provides support and direction for more than 50 programs and helps students navigate the process of taking part in an international academic experience.

Advisement & Student Support
Every student has his or her own definition of success. For many students, the challenge of college coursework, the adjustment to more independent living and the cost of living, tuition and fees can be overwhelming, and they may need a little extra guidance on their road to graduation.

With groundbreaking and award-winning techniques such as our new Graduation Progression Success advising technology, we digitally track every student’s academic progress from the moment he or she steps on campus. Our University Advisement Center is staffed with more advisers than ever before, and they’re ready to help students reach their highest potential. These are just a few of the reasons we’ve been named a “Next Generation University” by the New America Foundation and were able to raise graduation rates 22 points over 10 years.

Freshman Learning Communities
The first year is one of the most critical in laying a foundation for a student’s future success. In 2001, Georgia State created the Freshman Learning Communities (FLC) program to facilitate a positive transition to campus for first-year students and offer an immediate connection to other students, faculty, the campus and Atlanta communities. Students participating in the program have had higher success rates in GPA, retention and time it takes to graduate.

What are FLCs?

  • 25 students enrolled together in the same courses
  • Five courses centered around an academic theme
  • Introduction to the university and its resources
  • Four core curriculum courses that fulfill degree requirements