Educators’ Guide: Admissions


We know that every student is unique. Freshmen can choose between two application review methods.

Students can see what documentation we’re still waiting on, or to check their admissions status anytime using our application status system.

Make sure accepted students fill out the Intent to Enroll form and complete the other next steps.

Enrollment Types
At Georgia State, we serve many types of students. Whether your students are accelerating their studies during their time at high school, are graduating seniors or are curious about applying their AP/IB credits, we are happy to help you determine how we can help.

Undergraduate students who meet high academic standards are eligible for the Honors College. The Honors College offers talented and motivated undergraduate students the experience of smaller classes, competitive scholarships, faculty mentoring, priority registration, specialized advising and more.

Some high school students may be ready to start their college career early. We have programs that give academically outstanding high school juniors and seniors who meet the application requirements the opportunity to enroll in undergraduate courses. Students can earn college credit only, or they can earn college credit while satisfying their high school requirements.

Our admissions counselors are dedicated to providing you and your students with the most current admissions requirements and information available for a smooth admissions process. Please know that we are here to assist you anytime, and you can easily find the admissions counselor assigned to your region.