Home School Students

Home-educated students who have fully completed a Georgia State University Approved Home School Programs (PDF) will be processed using the same application process and requirements of all other freshmen applicants.

Students who have been educated through a home school program not approved by Georgia State or at a non-accredited high school are considered home school applicants.

All freshmen applicants to Georgia State University must submit the online application, $60 non-refundable application fee, and official SAT or ACT test scores.

In addition, home-educated applicants to Georgia State University must be able to demonstrate completion of the Required High School Curriculum (RHSC) requirements as mandated by the Board of Regents. As of June 2008, these requirements are:

ENGLISH 4 Any 4 English/Language Arts
MATH 4 Algebra I, Algebra II, Geometry & 1 Higher Level Math
NATURAL SCIENCE 4 1 Life Science/Lab, 1 Physical Science/Lab, & 2 Science Electives
SOCIAL SCIENCE 3 1 U.S. History, 1 World History & 1 Social Science Elective
FOREIGN LANGUAGE 2 Both units must be the same language. American Sign Language is acceptable.

Home-educated students who have not completed an accredited program have two options by which they may demonstrate competency in the Required High School Curriculum:

  1. Portfolio Option: If you have at least a 1090 SAT (out of 1600 scale) or 23 ACT composite score, you are eligible to submit a portfolio. You must also meet all the minimum section scores (SAT: 430 Critical Reading, 400 Math; ACT: 17 English, 17 Math). SAT and ACT test scores must be submitted electronically directly from the testing organization.
    The portfolio should be a summary detailing the years of high school study, which outlines the following:

    • A transcript listing subjects studied by year
    • Titles of textbooks and other classroom resources
    • Assignment descriptions and examples of coursework, tests, and assignments
    • Outline of themes covered in the course

      The portfolio must be submitted before March 1 to:
      The Office of Undergraduate Admissions
      Sparks Hall, Suite 200
      30 Gilmer Street
      Atlanta, GA 30303

  2. SAT II Subject Test Option: If you have at least a 900 SAT (out of 1600 scale) or 19 ACT Composite score, you are eligible to demonstrate CPC competency by submitting SAT II Subject Test scores. Minimum acceptable scores on the prescribed SAT Subject Tests are:
    • 520 English Writing (now a required part of SAT)
    • 530 Literature
    • 500 Math Level 1C –OR– 570 on Math Level 2C
    • 520 Biology
    • 540 Chemistry –OR– 590 Physics
    • 560 U.S. History
    • 540 World History