Other Applicants

If you don't exactly fit into one of the boxes above, please choose one of the option to the right and tell us more about yourself so we can provide you with specific step-by-step application instructions and requirements.
Graduate students are admitted through their college of study. Visit Graduate Admissions for more details.
If you're age 62 or over and would like to resume, continue or begin a college education, our GSU-62 program allows eligible applicants to register for college-level courses for credit or audit on a space-available basis.
If you've been out of high school for five years, or if your last college courses were over five years ago, you're considered a non-traditional applicant.
If you completed a bachelor’s degree and wish to enroll in undergraduate-level courses as a non-degree-seeking student, you're considered a postbaccalaureate applicant.
Students who are enrolled at another regionally accredited college or university and intend to apply their Georgia State credits to a degree from their home institution are considered transient (visiting) students.
If you have previously attended Georgia State and have not registered for courses during any of the previous three semesters, you are a re-entry applicant.
You can reactivate your application for two semesters after your initial application semester has passed.
Use our online online status check to find out how far along in the process your application is and if we're waiting for any further action from  you.