Transition to the Atlanta Campus from Perimeter College

Transition Day events are for students who are currently enrolled on one of the Perimeter campuses and interested in transitioning to the Downtown Atlanta campus. Register for an event on your campus.

The transition between our Perimeter College and Atlanta Campus is seamless. That’s because we know exactly how obtaining an associate degree and a bachelor’s degree can help you in the long run.

Reasons why students transition may vary, but Georgia State knows that our transition students can:

  • See an increased return on educational investment by receiving two degrees
  • Seek a premier learning experience after obtaining a sound academic foundation
  • Experience heightened academic and experiential access — with opportunities to learn, research and network
  • Enjoy enhanced student life and the benefits of downtown’s centrality
  • Set the proper foundation to continue to graduate study


Students who transition from Georgia State’s Perimeter College to the Atlanta campus must have achieved at least a 2.0 GPA and completed at least 30 hours of credit. Proof of lawful presence must be provided to receive in-state tuition at the Atlanta campus.

Students who wish to transition must complete out the Transition application to have their records transferred from the associate degree to the bachelor degree track.

All learning support and required high school curriculum courses must be completed to matriculate at Georgia State University’s Atlanta Campus. Students should complete Area A of the Board of Regents’ core curriculum prior to transition.

Note: once you have been accepted to the Atlanta campus, you will no longer be able to take classes at the Perimeter campuses.

Next Steps for Admitted Transition Students

  1. Fill out the FAFSA.
  2. Contact financial aid to make sure your financial aid package is aligned with a bachelor’s course load.
  3. Log In to PAWS using your CampusID. Check out the changes in PAWS regarding your new student status.
  4. If interested, consider on-campus housing and apply for accommodations through Georgia State University Housing.
  5. Once bachelor’s admission is final, meet with an advisor on the Atlanta campus to discuss your academic path.
  6. Complete the mandatory 20-minute online pre-orientation before registering for classes.
  7. Attend New Student Orientation to become familiar with your new campus and campus life (optional).
  8. Register for classes during your assigned registration time or on your New Student Orientation date.

For questions, please contact [email protected].